Dispatch, an episodic story told in four parts, follows a small-town police dispatcher named Ted (Martin Starr) on the worst night of his life. What begins as a domestic violence call quickly cascades into a host of attacks across town, and the local police are struggling to keep up. Every new call sheds light on Ted's inner torments and pushes him closer toward danger.

Police dispatchers are trained to see with sound. Every door slam, tire screech, and piercing scream paints a picture in their minds. The visual world of Dispatch unfolds inside Ted's imagination as he wades through the soundscape, advising terrified callers and listening for clues. Ted yearns to be at the scene of the crime, to be given the chance to really help someone.

He's about get what he wished for.

Dispatch was produced in collaboration between Oculus, Here Be Dragons, Firepanda, Far Few Giants and Jump Kick

Dispatch (has) the vibe of a true crime podcast ... Paced like a Netflix show, the serialized story makes for some binge-worthy VR.
— No Proscenium
Dispatch expertly weaves a tale of grizzly murders in VR through the sound of 9-1-1 Calls
— Road to VR
One of the most interesting steps on the path to creating VR’s own narrative language
— Tech Crunch
A rare example of a VR movie that understands how to fully utilize the medium it’s working with
— Upload VR
One of the best VR experiences we’ve ever seen...
The production is absolutely exemplary, and exactly the kind of content a burgeoning industry needs
— VR Game Rankings
Cannes Golden Lion Award Winner 2018 - Creativity

Cannes Golden Lion Award Winner 2018 - Creativity