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Hunt a sinner through a search bar

Ring of Fire is a detective noire puzzler set in the solarpunk utopia of New London. You play as Detective Grosvenor, a jaded, middle-aged trans woman hunting through the still-dark corners of the city in pursuit of a radicalised serial killer.

It’s a challenging puzzle wrapped up in a complex narrative.

Using the power of deduction the player must solve the brutally gruesome murders of the Ring of Fire killer. Examine clues, interrogate key suspects, and cross-reference your findings in the police database to uncover the mystery.

A huge database

Dive deep into a world full of articles, locations, suspects, journals & maps.

Get specific

Solve the case using text entry, meaning you can’t brute force the puzzle.

Get closer

Explore the 3D crime scene to examine evidence both visually and textually.

It’s a grey area

Push your suspects to the brink through branching cinematic conversations with meaningful consequences.


Explore a Crime Scene


Search the Database

Interview Suspects


A grand return to deduction gameplay

London, 2062. In the face of climate catastrophe, the waterlogged New Britain has reforged itself as a solarpunk utopia. Detective Grosvenor, a jaded, retirement-age trans woman, has the rare job of hunting society’s few remaining deviants: the murderers, abusers, and the criminally insane.

Track down the Ring of Fire killer by examining clues and interrogating key suspects, then cross-reference your findings with your database to open new avenues of inquiry. Follow leads across London in your solar-powered muscle car to discover more about the dark corners of a bright future.

Ring of Fire is a deduction puzzler wrapped up in a complex noir narrative.
A provocative vision for a sustainable yet flawed future.


Our promise to you

Far Few Giants is here to:

  • Bring you uncompromising voices from representative, diverse casts.

  • Write powerful, uncommon narratives that examine today's political climate.

  • Build a culture that celebrates and supports its staff.

Richard Tongeman is an animator who has developed award-winning VR projects for brands such as Jaguar, Whirlpool & Sunseeker, and worked on critically acclaimed VR titles ABE, Dispatch & Tin Hearts. Dispatch won a golden lion award at Cannes 2018.

Tony Jeffree is an experienced writer, having published several games, scripts, comics and a novel. He cofounded Far Few Giants, as well as Scriptflix and, and is lead writer on a major new AA PSVR narrative game.