A collection of mobile games using neuro-feedback techniques and real-time brainwave data to train an individual’s ability to attain control over their own focus and meditation.

Rich Clayton, the Head of Product at Within, asked me to take the lead in putting together a collection of mobile games that train player’s in mindfulness and their ability to focus and meditate. Although initially it began as a contract to compose music and audio and help with game design, the project quickly demanded a much broader range of skills: This resulted in me also taking on board the role of programmer and leading the work package for design.

The result was the creation of three games in Unity that uniquely use direct tracking of brainwave activity (EEG) to create a neuro-feedback loop, assisting players in attaining a specific state of brain activity and encouraging growth of a player’s mindfulness ability. To encourage this I designed the music and audio in the game to dynamically adapt along side the player’s EEG data to aid in maintaining a constant mindfulness state.

Within was produced in collaboration with Within, Rich Clayton, Jon Kelliher.